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Lazy Journalism

Lazy Journalism

When choosing what to write each day for this blog, I have a look through various sources. It is a comfort for me to see that unlike when I first started out, the articles written about hypnotherapy generally are positive and helpful. This is important of course as it has implications for the public’s perception about the work of hypnotherapists.

However, the flip side of this is the proliferation of articles written about serious mental health issues, which quote as their “expert” hypnotherapists without any qualifications or training to give them the gravitas to speak on the subject. To my way of thinking this is a laziness within journalism. Of course, for “serious issues” journalists tend to do their homework and find the right people to quote. However, for health issues, often under qualified, but over hyped practitioners are quoted which is s dereliction of a journalist’s duty to keep the public reliably informed by getting the best sources.

Please for the good of the public, if you are a journalist act with responsibility and story quoting sources which are not qualified to be quoted. By continuing to do the opposite you are putting people’s health at risk with dodgy advice

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