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Laurence Fox Talks About Mental Health

Laurence Fox Talks About Mental Health

For regular readers of my posts, you will know that I am very keen about mental health being a part of everyday discussions, openly and thoughtfully. For this to happen, I am convinced that it is not just the professionals who can make this happen, but also those who are in the public eye. Over the past few years this has become more common, and a recent article about actor Laurence Fox shows that everybody  can suffer mental health issues, the key however,  is to get help.

For him, his high profile divorce was the trigger to his mental health concerns. I think that people often forget that divorce is a massively traumatic event. Despite the fact that these are far more common than not, divorce is one of the most traumatic events a person can go through. This is true even when the divorce was desired.

What I found particularly telling in this article was the fact that he was so open about going for therapy and how beneficial he has found it. It is often the case that people do not realise how useful therapy is, until they engage with it themselves. Rather than a weakness, seeking therapy should be seen as a great strength.

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