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Kosmikophobia- Fear of cosmic phenomenon

Kosmikophobia- Fear of cosmic phenomenon


Space the final frontier is a famous line from a famous show. The idea of the cosmos is one of mystery and wonder. Space has been a subject of fascination for a millennium, the things that happen in the sky was considered to be prolific as to whether good omens or bad omens would occur. Now, of course, we do not determine our destinies via the stars. However, there are people who see the heavens and feel a sense of dread and fear. Individuals who fear cosmic phenomenon are said to have Kosmikophobia.

We know that there are many thousands of asteroids and other such cosmic entities which are within reach of the Earth. Scientists have said that there are remote possibilities of contact which would lead to widespread destruction to the planet. Most of us write these chances off, For the sufferer of Kosmikophobia they become obsessed about what is happening above us, as well as becoming obsessed with other events which are nearly impossible to occur. Some sufferers even use the heavens as a means of divination as I described above. Which can of cause a sufferer not to act unless the stars say they should which can lead to emotional and psychological paralysis.

A useful approach to treatment of these sufferers is to help them recognise where this fear developed from and to help them determine strategies to assist them to move forward.

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