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Kopophobia- Fear of fatigue

Kopophobia- Fear of fatigue

Kopophobia is the intense and pathological fear of being fatigued or exhausted, either mentally or physically. Sufferers find the concept of fatigue as something to be avoided at all costs this is especially true if a sufferer has a debilitating illness like chronic fatigue syndrome. These people feel as if as though they are struggling just to manage, if anyone demands more from them this can take them over the tipping point. If a person is suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or other such condition this concern can be quite valid. However, there are pople who fear the idea of it without the clinical condition. Here it can often start when a sufferer is overwhelmed with responsibility given to them from an external source. The sufferer may feel that they cannot manage the task and the associated stress and anxiety associated with it. Hence the avoidance behaviour often exhibited by sufferers.

Sufferers will often avoid strenuous exercise stressful jobs and outdoor activities. In order to assist these sufferers, it is essential that the therapist introduce the sufferer to activities in a manageable way. Often the idea of mental rehearsal can be introduced using hypnosis as a means for the sufferer to be introduced to activity in a way that they can manage.

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