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Kleptophobia – Fear of stealing

Kleptophobia – Fear of stealing

Kleptophobia, is the fear of theft. This fear covers  two distinct fears. The first anxiety is related to being stolen from or robbed, be that violently or not. The second fear relates to anxiety relating to stealing from someone else, this fear can be caused at a very early stage of development. Being scolded as a child for touching things in a shop is a common root cause. These two fears are often related and should exist simultaneously, but this is not always the case.

Some of the causes of Kleptophobia in both forms are often, however not always, triggered by a significant emotional event. An example might be, if a person has been robbed in a violent way. If this happens a person risks being far more concerned about being robbed. Likewise, if one has been involved in robbery as the perpetrator there is a chance they might be concerned about falling back into old bad habits.

Either form of kleptophobia can also be rooted in internal struggles within the sufferer. With right and wrong often not being clear cut, it can be difficult for sufferers of this condition to feel secure enough in their own personal morality to be able to avoid the pitfalls of this condition.

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