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Keeping Active a Key to Good Health

Keeping Active a Key to Good Health

Weight management or losing weight is one of the most common issues people seek hypnotherapy for. Many potential clients believe that by being hypnotised they will magically lose weight with little or no effort and with little changes needing to be made to their lifestyle. Professional therapists know that this is not the way it works.

Weight management needs to include education and motivation in order to be effective. One of the most important elements is that a person must keep active. My friend and colleague, Fiona Biddle, wrote an excellent book on the importance of physical activity which I strongly advise both practitioner and client alike to read.

Hypnotherapy is a very good tool for motivation, and physical activity requires motivation. When a person has put on weight and has become stagnet it can be very difficult to embrace the idea of physical activity because preceived difficulties. It is here where hypnosis can assist in helping the client to find the appropriate intrinsic drivers to keep them moving towards their goal.

I urge potential clients to be wary of promised quick fixes with hypnosis. Weight management is an earnest pursuit and will require your participation as well as the skill of your practitioner.

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