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Keep the Integrity of the HPD

Keep the Integrity of the HPD

In 2002, my friend and colleague came up with a qualification in hypnotherapy which was externally accredited by the NCFE National Awarding Body and the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH). Of the many things I have done in my career, this is something that I have taken a considerable amount of pride in. Mainly because it is a genuinely independently accredited qualification in hypnotherapy.

As with all good ideas, there are people out there who will attempt to exploit it. Today, I came across a hypnotherapy “school” which prides itself on being “independent of all other schools, organizations or registers”. This organisation offers an HPD via a 5 day training course. 5 days is by any standard much too low to qualify a hypnotherapist. Whilst I appreciate that schools are businesses, I believe that this practice is deceptive in that the HPD was conceived of and offered through the National Council for Hypnotherapy. This practice is by no means unique, the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, of which I am Principal, conceived of and created the first Diploma in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (DHP) back in the 1970’s. With the proliferation of qualifications in hypnotherapy and schools utilising the DHP post-nominals, the National College in the early 1980’s began to append (NC) after the DHP in order for the public to be sure that the qualification of their practitioner was properly awarded a meaningful qualification.

As both a senior practitioner and trainer in hypnotherapy, I am annoyed that I had to write this rant, but until we as a profession is honest and willing to look at the questionable practises of some of our colleagues we as a profession will never evolve to our rightful place in the family of talking therapies.

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