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Just Be Brave Mate

Just Be Brave Mate

Today’s title is a quote from Robbie Williams giving advice to Zayn Malik about how to deal with for former’s anxiety. Whilst on the surface this might seem to be good advice, in my view it is actually simplistic and could actually be counter productive. Anxiety sufferers do not need to simply be brave the issue needs to be understood and explored in order to overcome it. By saying that he should be brave implies that anxiety is somehow related to almost a cowardice which simply is not so. Indeed, those who suffer with anxiety are brave by their very nature as the symptoms can be overwhelming.

Anxiety sufferers understand that simply getting through the day is a struggle which most bravely face in order to live. Anxiety often has a very good reason for manifesting itself, understanding this reason is often the first best step in overcoming anxiety. This can be done quite effectively through therapy, however, it does not need to be particularly long term therapy. Additionally, learning to cope with anxiety is a very important step in overcoming it as well. Anxiety is part of our make up and is the basis of the flight or fight equation. It is this that helped us to evolve to the top of the food chain. Anxiety is necessesary, but only when it is appropriate and controllable.

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