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It’s Time for Hypnotherapists to Stop Talking About Stage Hypnosis

It’s Time for Hypnotherapists to Stop Talking About Stage Hypnosis

For generations of hypnotherapists I has been impossible to escape the shadow of stage hypnosis. Whilst it is true that stage hypnosis kept the art of hypnosis alive after Freud threw it out as a therapeutic approach, it is not true that hypnotherapists have to keep commenting on it.

Some time ago, I wrote a piece on the disgrace that was “You are back in the room” a game show where a stage hypnotist “hypnotised” the contestants in order for them to carry out things which would win prizes.

I receieved many emails of support, but also several ones criticising me for daring to criticise what they saw as good publicity for them. I question whether stage shows have a positive impact on clinical practitioners, but even if they did, I disagree with the notion that all publicity is good publicity.

I don’t imagine lawers see a boost in their practices when there is a good courtroom drama on television. Why would it be any different for hypnotherapists. Indeed, stage hypnosis so badly represents what happens clinically it should not even be voiced in the same breath as hypnotherapy. So, I am suggesting that all hypnotherapists refrain from mentioning or commenting on stage hypnosis. This is because it is not good for the public perception of hypnosis and does the hypnotherapist no favours in credibility.

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