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It’s Time for Hypno-Psychotherapy To Get Greater Recognition

It’s Time for Hypno-Psychotherapy To Get Greater Recognition

I have been a qualified hypno-psychotherapist since 1995 and registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy since 1996. Over the years I have seen many advancements in recognition for psychotherapy provision across the psychotherapeutic spectrum. People are far more amenable to the idea of going for therapy and therapies of all descriptions are gaining more public notice. That is to say except hypno-psychotherapy.

Hypno-Psychotherapy traces its roots back hundreds of years, it was here in reality before Freud and was seen as one of the most effective interventions psychotherapeutically that there was. However, with what can only be called the taint of some people who practise hypnotherapy, hypno-psychotherapy has not enjoyed the recognition it deserves in the psychotherapeutic field and amongst the general public.

It is important to note that there is a big difference between hypno-psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. The main one being is that most hypnotherapists have no training in psychotherapeutic theory or philosophy. Even less have training in the therapeutic relationship, which is the engine house of what make therapy effective. I believe that the time has come for hypno-psychotherapists to make more of what they are. Educating the public is a responsibility of the practitioner and therefore it is up to all of us involved to get people talking more about hypno-psychotherapy being an equal member of the psychotherapeutic community.

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