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It’s The Relationship Stupid

It’s The Relationship Stupid

Today’s title is taken from the political axiom “It’s the economy stupid”, which is what is meant to make or break a general election. For this post, I want to focus on the importance of the therapeutic relationship as opposed to the relatively unimportant technique. Far too many people involved with hypnosis or hypnotherapy miss this fundamental point. I have seen recently adverts for courses which are to teach “The Most Powerful Hyponotic Technique”.

I know that these courses have an appeal to some generally inexperienced practitioner lacking in confidence. They hope that these type of courses will help them to be more powerful and competent practitioners. For those of use who have been around the block a few times, we know that power should have nothing to do with the therapeutic dynamic, unless of course we are referring to the power a client has to change.

Sadly, many hypnotherapists get caught up in their own need to be seen to be powerful and at times even magical. This is totally against the therapeutic axiom that it is the therapeutic relationship which makes therapy, therapy. All of the other bits are simply window dressing. I urge you, if you are seeking therapy, go to the therapist where the process is about you, rather than being seduced by a person claiming to use the most powerful techniques available for change. These are a matter of opinion with no scientific or research validation.

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