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It’s OK to be Uninspired

It’s OK to be Uninspired

I know the title today may seem incongruent, but hear me out. When I was preparing to write this today, I must admit to feeling underwhelmed with enthusiasm. In the next couple of days I will have written my 1100th blog. That means that I have come up with almost 1100 things to write about. Some days it has been a dawdle other days a struggle. Today, however, I really felt flat and uninspired to do this. Our annual conference is this weekend which will be great and I am inspired about that, but in the days before, I do not seem to have my mojo working.

I am sure that there are many reasons that could be causing this, and when I felt like this when I was younger, I would really worry that this was to be a forever thing. However, over the years working with people and working on myself, I have learned that it is OK to have this feeling every now and then, because what usually follows is a push of creativity and engery which I could not have foreseen.

So if you are having one of those days where it seems impossible to get enthusiastic, relax it is ok, for tomorrow may prove to be one of the most creative days of your life.

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