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It’s Important to Have A Dream

It’s Important to Have A Dream

In my last missive I discussed the idea of what dreams are and how they fit into a therapeutic dynamic. I wanted to change gears today and talk briefly about the importance of having a dream (or goal). We all live lives of silent desperation as the quote goes, however, I do not believe that. I believe that we all have hopes and dreams which are an essential part of our overall health and well being.

It is good to dream, dreams are where ideas come from and ideas are what changes us as individuals as well as what changes the world. We therapists often refer to ourselves as change agents. I would like to put forward the idea that we are all, therapist or not, change agents. The reason for this is that we are all responsible for our own personal change as well as our own personal process.

Recognising this can help us to make ourselves better people and by default, helps us make the world a better place. So have your dreams they may be big or small, but having them gives hope to the future and something to look forward to. We all need things to look forward to, don’t we?

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