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It’s Good to Talk

It’s Good to Talk

Many readers will remember the advertisements that British Telecom ran in the early 1990’s with Bob Hoskins where the catch phrase was “It’s good to talk”. For a telecom company before the explosion which was and is the Internet, this is a very well placed phrase.

The interesting truth is that it is still good to talk, though more and more we are not doing it. With the Internet and mobile technology we text, we email, we IM, we SKYPE Message, we Snap Chat. These are all things that imply conversation, but actually it is a short hand conversation which requires no real connection.

Relationships begin and end with online chats, we row with our partners via text, we share moments of intimacy via picture messaging, but where is the real interplay of a conversation of really talking?

More and more in my consulting room, I am finding that clients are benefiting in many ways from the therapeutic dialogue or simply talking to someone who is there to listen. In our fast paced world, we sometimes forget what it is to connect on this level. I ask that you all take sometime over the next day or two to have a real conversation with someone who really matters to you.

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