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Issues with Intimacy? Try a Cuddle

Issues with Intimacy? Try a Cuddle

In many cases, clients both men and women, present with issues for therapy, which often end up being issues regarding intimacy in some form of fashion. Of course, one should not be surprised by this, intimacy is a very important aspect of life. With life being stressful, and busy, people often forget to look after this essential area of life.

Now when I say intimacy, I wonder what image comes to your mind. One could generalise and say that men see intimacy very differently than women. However, in my experience this difference is often over played, in that men and women both require some sense of intimate connection. Intercourse, is only one aspect of the intimate connection. One could say that this is the culmination of the intimate connection.

The seemingly simple cuddle however is often the “cure” to a lack of intimacy. Human contact should never be underestimated. Physical touch with genuine emotion connects us to the person doing the touching. In my view, a cuddle is the most powerful way to make this connection. I urge clients to express their feelings in this manner, because words are fine but action means far more.

So dear reader, go off and give a cuddle today, you might just discover how much better you feel for doing so.

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