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Is The Growth of TV Therapist Characters a Good Thing

Is The Growth of TV Therapist Characters a Good Thing

It is hard not to notice that in television dramas and comedies there is an increase of therapist characters being portrayed. Now like all kinds of entertainment, some of these depictions are very good and some of them are less than that.

The idea that therapists are being made into characters in these mediums can be considered a very good thing. The reason being obvious the more people are exposed to therapists in their day to day lives the more likely it is that they will not rule out therapeutic services for themselves if they find themselves in difficulty.

This is the positive, of course there is a negative as well. It is problematic when people are exposed to a stereotype or a caricature. This can be detrimental to the image of who therapists are and what therapists do. This can for some seem entertaining, but in reality it is a detriment to many getting the help that they need. People are influenced by popular culture if therapists are portrayed accurately then this can be good for everyone. However, if not, it can set back the cause of good therapy years.

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