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Is Stress Psychosomatic

Is Stress Psychosomatic……

Is stress all in the mind? Those people that do not understand it will say it is, that you should snap out of it and that it does not require medical attention.  Well stress itself is not an illness but a reaction, in effect stress is psychosomatic, because it does affect the mind, but the physiological effects are very real. Hypertension, heart disease an ulcers to name a few are very real indeed.  With stress sometimes panic attacks can be a common form of reaction to a stressor; this can result in panic attack symptoms which are by the nature of them very real.  Try and tell a person with an ulcer that it is all in their mind and see what happens.

In a severe case of stress, hysterical blindness can occur, and when there is no organic cause, you are left wondering what has occurred; well it is the physiological reaction to psychosomatic disorders.

Stress Remembered……..

People recovering from stress are very delicate, they may have had the resources given to them to deal with it, but on return to the place where it initially occurred, steps need to be taken to make sure that they are dealt with and integrated back.  In an ideal world a new place of work would be a positive move, even a move of department.  In a supportive industry this may not be necessary.

Imagine returning to work, and people start to talk behind your back, avoid you and exclude you from things, all because you were off work with stress, what would that do to you? Would those same reactions occur, possibly because there would not be a support network?

Under health and safety law now, if an organisation is informed that you are suffering fro stress, they now have a legal obligation to assist you back to a normal working environment, and one which your health will return to normal, not suffer any further.  Just because you return to work, it does not mean you are ready, just that outside factors such as pay force you to return.  The return to work needs to be as stress less as possible.

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