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Is Root Cause Necessary for Hypnotherapy

Is Root Cause Necessary for Hypnotherapy

This is a question that I get asked regularly by both student and client alike. There is a belief by many that in order to resolve an issue there is a necessity to discover what the root cause of it is. Through this discovery, resolution is meant to be inevitable. Whilst, I have found for things like regression the need to determine the root cause is an internal part of the process, it is not always needed for other approaches.

Primarily the solution focused approach to therapy, does not look at root cause. Indeed, any therapeutic process that relies on focusing on the here and now tend not to look too closely at the root cause of an issue. I, myself, have had experience where clients discover the root cause to their issue, and this had no appreciable influence on the resolution of the problem. As the root cause is in the past, clients may have difficulty in making the link to that past to the present.

I believe that root cause is a useful piece of the therapeutic puzzle, however it is not the most important element for therapeutic change. As with most things in life one can never know too much, so it is always a plus to know the root cause of an issue in order to help clients.

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