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Is Regression the Answer

Is Regression the Answer?

One of the most common questions I get as a hypno-psychotherapist is “Can you regress me?” For some years, I found that question to be an annoyance. Kind of like a surgeon being asked “can you do a heart bypass for me?” When people would ask, I felt that they were demeaning the work that we do and trying to reduce it to a parlour trick.

Over time, I have since realised that the question itself is based on people’e genuine fascination for the subject. Regression is the thing I suppose we are most associated with. Both present and past life fall into this category. The fascination often means that regression is attributed powers that it simply does not have.

I use regression to assist clients in understanding what the past means to them not to change it, to gain insight in order to live life in the hear and now with purpose and contentment. I often find myself having to disappoint clients who hope that regression in and of itself will resolve their issue. I have to remind the that regression is a tool, much like a hammer, very useful but you cannot build a house only with a hammer. In the same way that regression is not the only tool needed for therapeutic resolution.

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