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Is Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis Entertaining

Is Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis Entertaining

For years there has been a debate in th clinical community about the pros and cons of stage hypnosis. There are some who believe that stage hypnosis brings attention to hypnosis so therefore it is a good thing. Others, like myself, think it has out lived its usefulness and should be allowed to pass into history. (Like barber dentists).

Of late, hypnosis has morphed into “entertainment” in the form of game shows and dating programmes. I believe these manifestations have even surprised those in the stage hypnosis community.

I have watched a couple of these programmes and I see them as nothing more than degrading on the subjects and a giagantic ego trip for the “hypnotist” who exerts his “power” with gay abandon.

It is important to know that for a profession which seeks to help people who could be in a vulnerable state of mind, these side shows make us look like quacks plain and simple. I know there are marketers who will say all publicity is good publicity, I emphatically disagree. We as a profession are judged by how we cavort ourselves in ththe public eye. I would argue that class, discretion and decorum are qualities that never go out of fashion. As a profession we should embrace this.

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