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Is Hypnotherapy New Age

Is Hypnotherapy New Age

Folllowing on from yesterday’s posting, I have seen a resurgence of people referring to Hypnotherapy as “new age”. For folk like me the image of whale song, caftans and crystals has no place in the professional practice of hypnotherapy.

I will often point out to people that rather than “new age” we are “old school”. Some are surprised that the history of hypnosis goes back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Also, the practise of hypnotherapy has been used for well over 170 years in surgical procedures.

Hypnotherapy even predates psychoanalysis. Not many people know that Signund Freud was a hypnotist before he constructed his psychoanalytical theory. Hypnotherapy has been the subject of hundreds of clinical trials and peer reviewed journals. It is recognised by NICE as a treatment of choice for sufferers of Irriatable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

i know there are some practitioners who embrace the “new age” as part of their work, and that’s fine for then. It, however, does not represent the vast majority of earnest well trained professionals who seek to help people through their mental, emotional and physical challenges. New age? No. Old school? Absolutely and very, very proud to be so.

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