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Is Hypnotherapy Alternative Medicine

Is Hypnotherapy Alternative Medicine

This is a question which has exasperated me for decades. Hypnotherapy being what it is falls into several categories. Traditional medicine, psychotherapy and psychology, and complementary therapy (no one uses the phrase “alternative medicine” any more as it is not alternative nor medicine)

The real question is where does my practitioner fall into based on his or her qualifications. This is a much easier question to answer. The vast majority of hypnotherapists are in the complementary therapy camp. I know that there are many who call themselves psychotherapists as well, but I will address this in a moment. Some hypnotherapist delve into the medical side of hypnotherapy, this mainly being about treating chronic pain and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Though medical a practitioner does not need to be a medic to do this.

The psyhotherapy and psychology side is the most contentious in my opinion. In my view if you are a qualified psychologist then by all means you are qualified to use the phrase psychological hypnosis. Being a qualified psychologist in my opinion is simply being a Chartered Psychologist not simply having a first degree in psychology. Hypnotherapists who also claim being psychotherapists MUST in my view have undertaken a course of training recognised by either the UK Council for Psychotherapy or the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. For a school to offer qualifications in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy who do not meet these standards are misleading their students. No legitimate agency will recognise a one year training in psychotherapy. I know that this will annoy some of my colleagues, but simply put, if you are not registered or accredited by UKCP or BACP  or BPC (British Psychoanalytic Council) you are not a psychotherapist. Potential clients should pay close attention to this when engaging a therapist.


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