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Is Hypnotherapy A Business?

Is Hypnotherapy A Business?

This is actually a question that gets asked a lot within the profession as well as by students training to be hypnotherapists. The answer is yes, of course hypnotherapy is a business, but it is not like any normal business. There is a push at the moment in some quarters of the profession who want to make hypnotherapy like any other business. Creating review sites and all manner of things. However, as I have argued for the better part of 20 years, we must not as a profession go down this road.

Hypnotherapy, like any other therapeutic dynamic, is a personal experience to the person who is undertaking the treatment. It is not something that you can homogonise into something as simplistic as a review. Do people review hypnotherapists, yes. Does this mean anything, NO. We are not like plumbers or builders who do a task and it is fixed, we a practitioners, I would dare say even artists who owe as much to our success our relationship with the client as any technique we might use.

It is the therapeutic relationship which makes therapy therapy. It is unquantifiable and therefore not something that can be reviewed in a way that would be relevant to all people. Therapy is a bespoke process which requires bespoke solutions, interview potential therapists that is where you will get a feel for whether they will be the right therapist for you. Reviews may be excellent for other businesses, but I would say they are not great for what we do.

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