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Is Anger Negative

Is Anger Negative

I wish I had a pound for every time I have been asked “Is anger negative”. Many people find the very idea of anger a very uncomfortable subject. That is to say that if a person feels that they express anger, it can make them uncomfortable as well as those who are at the receiving end of anger. Anger, in and of itself need not be something to be overly concerned about.

There are many people throughout history who were “angry men of women” who went on to change the world. Martin Luther King Jr was an angry man, Ghandi was an angry man, and Emily Pankhurst was an angry woman. However, these people have gone down in history as great leaders for change. They took their justifiable anger and turned it into a power for positive change for the world.

What one could consider to be negative about anger is unresolved anger, that it to say anger which has not been properly dealt with. For example, a person who’s default position is anger, because of an incident which happened in their childhood for example. This would not be considered a healthy anger and would need resolution in order for that person to move forward.

So in a nutshell, anger is not negative in and of itself, however the repercussions can certainly be less than positive.

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