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Integrative Hypnotherapy

Integrative Hypnotherapy

With the plethora of hypnotherapists and hypnotherapy out there it can be a very difficult decision to make as to what is best for you and for your issue. Words like clinical, advanced, Ericksonian, and solution focused are common prefixes to hypnotherapy to describe what approach the practitioner uses. However, to the general public, these terms mean very little but can sound impressive.

I would like to add a phrase to consider, integrative hypnotherapy. This term is meant to describe hypnotherapy which uses a variety of approaches in concert with one another in order to aid in the process. The term integrative comes from the psychotherapy world. Integrative Psychotherapy uses an array of humanistic approaches to psychotherapy which include but are not limited to Person Centred, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, etc.

Whilst the way I define integrative hypnotherapy includes these forms of psychotherapy, not all hypnotherapists are trained in psychotherapy, so it is important to ensure that if you consult a therapist as to what they mean specifically by the term integrative.

In my view, the best therapist is the person who takes from the most sources, as all people are individuals and their problems unique to them, it makes sense to be able to tailor a therapeutic approach specifically to the individual being treated. If your therapist does not do this, you might want to consider another therapist.

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