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Insidious Self Talk

Insidious Self Talk

One of the most common symptoms that clients will present to me with is that negative voice inside their heads telling them things that are certainly not in their interests. One of the most insidious things when dealing with many issues that people present to me with is that it is like they are working against themselves. By working against themselves I mean that there is a voice inside their heads telling them that they will not succeed or that they do not deserve to succeed or some other negative message that they take to heart.

All too often are we told we are not good enough or not able to achieve what we want from people who try to hold us back. However, many people will take these messages to heart and long after the external person is no longer around, their internal voice continues to give these negative messages.

The good news is that this can go the other way as well. If we bombard ourselves with positive self talk we can just as easily mainifest the positive result as we can manifest the negative. This goes beyond positive thinking, and looks at how we talk to ourselves. I generally suggest to clients never say anything to yourself that you would not say to another person. You deserve the same love an respect from you as anyone.

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