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The Injustice of Mental Illness

The Injustice of Mental Illness

I am delighted to have seen that mental health issues are being raised to page one news in this country. I admit, having been a therapist for nearly 28 years, I have seen and heard much from governments and advocates on this subject, as regular readers of my posts will know. I do not think that I have ever heard mental illness referred to in such an accurate way, as it being an injustice. These are the words of Prime Minister Teresa May, who will be speaking on this subject later today.

Mental illness IS an injustice, if we look at funding and how those who suffer are treated, it is surely unjust. For far too long, mental health has been a ball being passed from the public to the voluntary sector to the private sector. The reality is that all three sectors are needed in the fight against mental illness, but joined up thinking is required. The injection of new policies will help, but they must be followed through. All to often we hear that this will solve the problem but then lack of resources and yes lack of desire often get in the way of mental health being truly challenged in this country. Mrs May will talk today about how we can support our youth with more access to mental health services, I for one will certainly be listening.

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