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When Independent is not Independent

When Independent is not Independent

In my crusade to get hypnotherapists to embrace the best of the best practice today’s post is about a trend that I have noticed over the past several months which I think needs to be addressed. Before I say anything, I would like to make it clear that I know that private practice is a business and people need to survive in order to be able to provide their services. I get that, but HOW we promote ourselves is as important as the promotion itself.

I have seen many colleagues saying that their practices are independently rated as being “the best” or some such phraseology. Now, of course, one would think that a person who is independently rated the best would be the best person to consult, but what exactly does independently rated mean? In the main it means that client’s have given positive reviews of the practice on a variety of review platforms. However, these may not be all they seem to be. If a practitioner asks a client to provide a review, does this make the review independent? Is it possible for a practitioner to create false profiles and review themselves? Are clients the best people to rate a practice for others?

These are all questions that have to be asked. When you consider who you want to intrust your good therapeutic care, you must consider all options. Just make sure those options are honest and genuinely verifiable before you believe everything that you read.

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