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Improve Your Sleep and Improve Your Life

Improve Your Sleep and Improve Your Life

This is a matter which I discuss regularly with my clients. Many people who come to me suffering with some kind of emotional or psychological distress will often have difficulty with their sleep. Sleep time is the time for our bodies and minds to recharge for the next day. One bad night’s sleep takes up to 5 days to recover from. The maths are simply if you have a bad week of sleep it will take up to 35 nights to eventually catch yourself up.

We do not make our lives easy with regards to sleep. Our 24/7 lifestyle keeps us wired and alert far more than we should be. Also, with the advent of personal devices like smartphones and tablets, we can take our waking life to bed with us.

I recommend to my clients that they treat themselves like a child when it comes to sleep. That meaning, set a bed time and stick to it. Leave all devices out of the bedroom. Take 10-20 minutes when getting into bed to do a personal meditation or self hypnosis regime to help them sleep. Finally, look at what you are putting into your body in the evening, avoid caffeine and sugar. These simple steps can help to get a good night’s sleep and to aid in getting over psychological and/or emotional difficulties.

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