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The Importance of Tenacity When It Comes to Change

The Importance of Tenacity When It Comes to Change

In a blog earlier this week I referred to the idea that change was a good thing which is actually inevitable for all of us human beings. Often I hear from clients “Shaun, I want to change but it’s so hard, and I run out of steam”. The lack of  will and tenacity is probably the most common reason that people do not achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Whilst of course, it is possible to learn to be tenacious and to develope greater tenacity through thereby, in my experience, there are people who come to me who are naturally more tenacious than others. This additional tenacity is definitely an X factor in being able to change.

Of course, therapy provides (or at least should provide) a safe place for a client to explore his or her wants and needs in order to be more the person they desire to be. However, the truly tenacious person will overcome all opposition to their goals and be single minded enough to to achieve the outcome even if those around them oppose what they are trying to do.

I suggest that a great way to be successful is to build up your own self resiliancy and tenacity and make your dreams come true.

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