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The Importance of Live Hypnotherapy Training

The Importance of Live Hypnotherapy Training

One of the key debates in the hypnotherapy world is that there are training providers who are offering training to practitioner level through distance or online learning only. What makes matters worse is that some of these providers are not really differentiating between the live and remote learning qualifications (i.e. calling both qualifications the same thing). Now there is an argument that I have a vested interest in this matter as I am principal of two schools which offer hypnotherapy trainings. I am the first to admit that I have an interest.

However, my position is based on fairly solid academic grounds, my Masters Degree was based on my research into the dynamics of hypnosis training, and I hold a CertEd based on the course in hypnosis that I designed. I think I can speak with a certain degree of authority when I say that there is a place for some online learning in the hypnotherapy world. Indeed, the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy have modules which are only offered online. These form part of our Stage 4 or Advanced Diploma Programme and they have no practical component to them (Human Development and Sexuality, Psychopathology, Diversities, and Research Methods). These modules, as the other modules offered by the National College are assessed at Masters Degree level.

The important issue here is the idea that practical skills for hypnotherapy, or any form of therapy for that matter, must be undertaken in a live face to face classroom. There is no way for a trainer to legitimately assess whether a student has the skills to undertake a career in hypnotherapy without this assessment. Organisations which regulate hypnotherapy must do everything in their power to ensure that the pubic is protected and that potential students understand that online or distance learning qualifications will not be recognised for the purposes of professional registration.

As a side note, and perhaps a bit of a bitchy note, the schools that are attempting to go down this path are not led by people with the appropriate background in education to even begin to understand the nuance of true “blended learning”. I have advised people seeking therapy to ask the potential therapist about their qualifications, I strongly urge that you also ask how these qualifications were earned. You will be doing yourselves a favour.

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