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The Importance of Boundaries In Relationships

The Importance of Boundaries In Relationships

This is a common theme when dealing with problems in relationships. These relationships can be romantic or otherwise, the need for boundaries is essential. Just because you are in a relationship with someone, this does not mean that this person does not need space and I will go so far as to say respect. All too often, boundaries get eroded as time goes on within a relationship and two people begin to morph into one. Whilst some might find this a romantic idea and something to be aspired to, it can in many respects also be terribly dysfunctional.

The whole point of a relationship, however one wishes to define relationship, is that two individuals seem to spark something in each other. If these two become one then the spark which attracted them to one another will fade and eventually disappear. For a relationship to remain fresh and vibrant, it is essential that both parties remain individuals with individual interests and individual friendships. Without this, boundaries get blurred which for many is the fist stage of the breakdown of the relationship. Boundaries separate people so that they can thrive and bring new things to a relationship which keeps it alive. Remember the old saying good fences to good neighbours make.

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