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Ideas from therapy models

Ideas from therapy models

Gestalt use of language

Gestalt uses different rules of communication from everyday conversation, aiming to promote active dialogue and awareness. It is an approach that uses language to

take responsibility
be clear
be in the now
be direct

Taking responsibility

NOT using It, You, We, One ​which disown and keep the feeling outside
USING €‹I statements

Avoid Generalizations

One does this …. We all feel …. ​It’s well known that People feel….
CHANGE TO: I do I feel I know that

Change to making direct statements rather than indirect ones

Instead of not asking directly for what we need we can ask for it clearly.
Instead of making comments to the air in generalizations, we can tell the person concerned how we really feel.

Claiming/owning choice

I can’t becomes I won’t/I choose not to
I should/I must becomes I prefer to/I choose to.
I had to becomes I decided to/I choose to.

Past/present as Figure/Ground

Talking about events and feelings as though they are out there in the past avoids uncomfortable emotions. Describing them in the here and now brings us into contact with the feeling.

Transactional analysis

TA is absolutely chock-a-block with jargon: so please forgive us for using it! If you are interested in the concepts, you may be interested to read more.

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