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I Don’t Know What To Do Without My Problem

I Don’t Know What To Do Without My Problem

Whilst deciding what to write about this morning I came across an article about a person with an eating disorder who did not know what she would do without it. This got me thinking, I have had a number of clients over the years who are absolutely clear about wanting to change their lives, yet find it difficult to imagine what life would be like without the issue they came in with.

I often describe people’s issues like the friend that we all have who we kept around far too long as we knew that they were nothing other than a problem for our lives. People sometimes have a “loyalty” to their issue which makes it more difficult to shift it.

Like the friendship analogy, when a person get’s rid of the problem behaviour they open themselves up to new experiences and new healthier behaviours which dwarf whatever perceived benefit that they got from their negative behaviour. Change can be frightening, of course it can, but change is inevitable and therefore we as people should ultimately celebrate the great leveller which is change. Even when change is frightening, it is more often than not far better than being where you are now.

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