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Hypnotic Gimmicks

Hypnotic Gimmicks

Yet again, I wake to find another newspaper (ok a tabloid) spouting about another hypnotic gimmick which will make your life so much better. Again, sadly this one has to do with your sex life. The “the hands free orgasm” or “erotic hypnosis”. Regular readers will remember I have approached this subject before. It appears however, that I find myself revisiting this again.

The long and the short of it is that the person interviewed for this article, a woman who has written about her own sex addiction claims that the orgasm she had listening to the hypnotists’ voice was more intense than actual sex. The only upside to this article is that at least the purveyor of this pap refers to himself as a hypnotist, rather than a therapist. I would suggest that any ethical therapy organisation would show this guy the door. I say this as in his recording he tells subjects what “a good girl you are controlling your nether regions” and asking the listener to call him “Master”

These articles are poison for people like me who are trying to show people that hypnosis is a therapeutic tool that can be used to great result in helping people to achieve real therapeutic goals. Hypnosis should not be confused with pornography, and frankly the pap spouted on this recording is no different to that of a dirty phone call. Please, stop publishing this nonsense it does no one, but the person purveying this nonsense, any good at all.

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