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Hypnotherapy Who is the Best

Hypnotherapy Who is the Best

You might find this title a little odd and a little self indulgent, when a person goes on line to find a therapist a hypnotherapist in particular, they are barraged with this claim and that in order to get them to book an appointment. Now of course, that is the nature of marketing and advertising, get people through the door. However, therapists are not your local pound shop and our approach to marketing and advertising should be at a standard that would not embarrass ourselves or the profession as a whole.

As you may recall, I have recently written about testimonials and why I believe them to be a very poor way to advertise our services. Today, I would like to focus on practitioners using unsubstantiated claims, most notably using the the phrase “The Best”.

I have seen this phrase used in many ways to promote a practice, from “Hypnotherapy being the best …..” to “Technique A is the best form of hypnosis” to “I am the best hypnotherapist in my area (or even the UK and yes folks the world)”. Now of course, it is right to have a positive attitude about yourself and the work you do, but it is not right to mislead people. There is no one authority in our profession that can bestow the title of the best indeed, there is also no one piece of evidence that can be used as a universal to prove any one technique is best.

It is essential when consulting a therapist, that you ensure that the claims that they make are substantiated, otherwise it is simply the opinion of the practitioner, which in and of itself proves nothing.

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