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Hypnotherapy Weight Loss and Christmas

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss and Christmas

Well it’s that time of year again, where we all try to look our best for the parties and events that the Christmas Season brings. Indeed this weekend I taught eager trainee hypono-psychotherapists about Brookhouse’s 3 S’s. These being smoking, slimming and stress. My feed into G+ is filled with “expert” hypnotherapists telling us about the truth of weight loss and then pedling techniques like “the hypnotic gastric band” which has no real evidence of being any more or less successful as any other hypnotic intervention.

I grow weary of this, weight loss is a multi billion pound industry and it seems as though everyone with a pulse wants to get in on all that lovely money. The reality of weight management is relatively simple. In cases where there are no emotional or psychological reasons for using food as a crutch one must ingest less calories then they use which will cause weight loss. This will require a regime of exercise and movement as well as diet. Hypnotherapy can be very useful in working with motivational issues which can help to achieve these goals.

For people who use food as an emotional or psychological crutch, you must first deal with these issues before weight loss is to even be attempted as the weight gain is a symptom of the problem, rather than the problem itself. If you are looking to get help with weight please consult a hypnotherapist who will be honest with you regarding your needs and aspirations, rather than selling you the latest “lose weight quick” programme which will leave you empty and your goals unfulfilled.

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