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Hypnotherapy Used For Rape Recall

Hypnotherapy Used For Rape Recall

This is a difficult blog for me to write today because I am concerned about the implications of the particulars of the case I am reporting. I have read recently that a “rape victim” who was unable to recall the events of the rape, had gone to a hypnotherapist and achieved total memory recall and now wants her case to be re-opened.

I admit that this is a question that has been asked of me many times in the past. Sadly, I generally have to report to the enquirer that memory is a tricky and imprecise thing. There are a plethora of studies which show that a person is as likely to confabulate under hypnosis as not. Hence why the Home Office have very strict guidelines when it comes to using hypnotically refreshed testimony in a criminal trial.

Having done a little research on the hypnotherapist who had been credited with doing this, I noticed from his website he is calling himself a psychologist, yet there are no references to any qualifications in anything (psychology or otherwise). Also I checked to see if this individual is on the HCPC register for psychologists, he is not.

I have tremendous sympathy for the woman in this article, and hope that she gets closure in some way. I am also very concerned that there are hypnotherapists who are involving themselves in very complex issues who appear to not be appropriately qualified. Please if you are seeking therapy, always check the qualifications of the therapist in question.

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