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Hypnotherapy Treatment for Sexual Dysfunction

Hypnotherapy Treatment for Sexual Dysfunction

Ten percent of all men experience impotence (erectile dysfunction) and this is when men are unable to achieve or keep an erection. Hypnotherapy is known to help men with this sexual dysfunction as well as loss of sex drive and premature ejaculation. How hypnotherapy can effectively treat sexual dysfunctions?:

1. Remove negative feelings about sex, such as shame, fear and guilt.

2. Expands limited thinking regarding sex.

3. Builds confidence and in turn, your sexual performance will improve.

4. Reinstates pleasure associated with a sexual experience.

5. Reduces stress and feeling of anxiety regarding sexual performance.

There are several type of techniques that are used in hypnotherapy to treat sexual dysfunctions:

1. Using imagery to achieve desired results.

2. Incorporating the power of suggestion into the subconscious.

3. Teaching alternative and positive response techniques to reverse negative thoughts that are causing sexual dysfunctions.

Hypnotherapy is capable of:

1. Identifying the problem.

2. Improves a positive self-image.

3. Removes negative symptoms associated with sexual dysfunctions.

4. Resolves mental conflicts that are hindering the enjoyment of a healthy and happy sex life.

An erection is a physical response to messages produced and sent from the mind. More often than not, negative feelings and thoughts will hinder this physical response and cause a sexual dysfunction. Hypnotherapy treatment for sexual disorders has been proven to be very effective and successful.

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