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Hypnotherapy Treatment for Agoraphobia

Hypnotherapy Treatment for Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is a deep rooted fear of being in an unfamiliar setting and although it is commonly associated with open spaces and crowds (like shopping centre, airplanes and/or restaurants), many people that suffer with agoraphobia feel anxiety when they are trapped€ (like being in an elevator or a dentist’€™s chair).The physical symptoms associated with agoraphobia are so severe, they resemble a heart attack.The literal translation of agoraphobia means €œfear of the marketplace€, and many individuals that suffer with this debilitating social phobia are unable to leave their homes.

Statics show that more women, than their male counterparts are affected with agoraphobia to some degree. Signs of this disorder usually manifest when a person is in their early 20s or into their late 30s. Three percent of the general population is affected with agoraphobia, but there is a safe and effective treatment.

Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for agoraphobia because anxiety and panic are the main symptoms and when negative subconscious thinking is replaced with powerful positive impressions, then the success rate is increased.The conscious part of the mind can be trained to have a positive influence on the subconscious and eventually the social phobia will disappear.

Here is an example of how effective hypnotherapy can be in treating agoraphobia and how your thinking pattern can be changed. Let’s say you are walking the dog and instead of saying to yourself €œI’€™m ok yes, I’m feeling nervous..but ok I will be home very soon, just calm down€, your brain will be reprogrammed to think naturally that you love being outdoors! Overtime, hypnotherapy and the use of imagery will allow people to restore their confidence and live a happy life.

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