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Hypnotherapy Treatment for Alcohol Dependency

Hypnotherapy Treatment for Alcohol Dependency

The variety of success varies from individual to individual, but one study where 18 willing participants were followed closely for a seven year period of time and their success rate was about 77%. Success in this study is categorized as living without alcohol for at least a 12 month period. 15 of the 18 participants were classified as alcohol addicts/abusers and the remaining three participants were addicted to other types of life threatening drugs.

There are several factors that will determine the effectiveness of hypnotherapy to treat alcoholism and they include:

1. The seriousness of the drinking problem.

2. How long a person has been abusing alcohol.

3. The reception of the patients’ willingness to be treated.

4. The amount of alcohol that is consumed on a daily basis.

5. Whether or not a person drinks mostly alone or in a social atmosphere.

6. The type of liquor consumed.

7. The commitment by the patient to change their destructive drinking habit.

Many people use alcohol to cope with the stresses of life and hypnotherapy will help them to substitute a dangerous and destructive behavior with a healthy one. They will be taught relaxation techniques and also will become aware of the triggers that will send them to the liquor cabinet. In addition, through the hypnotherapy sessions, individuals will get a better understanding of why they drink and find more productive ways to deal with everyday problems. Typically hypnotherapy sessions to treat alcoholism last 60 minutes.

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