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Hypnotherapy treating attachment issues

Hypnotherapy treating attachment issues

Attachment is when an emotional bond is formed with other individuals. When unhealthy attachments are formed and left untreated, it can cause disruptions in emotional and social relationships. Many times, attachment issues are formed when people are young and often stem from neglect or abuse.

Attachment issues are directly related to self-esteem, empathy and trust.As parents, one job is to form a bond with newborn babies and the healthier that bond/attachment is, the better future relationships will be. But in some cases, parents are unable to form a healthy bond with their infants (due to substance abuse or a physical ailment) and when this foundation is not solid and healthy, it can be difficult for an individual to form healthy relationship.

Traditional therapy and/or parenting methods may not be effective on young children as they usually aim to modify a specific behavior. In adults, hypnotherapy can help find the root of the problem, for instance, why you have a fear of abandonment or a strong co-dependent attitude and don’t know the exact cause. Once the cause is identified, hypnotherapy can also individuals how to set boundaries, love themselves and others in a healthy manner and boost their self-esteem.

The main goal of attachment issue treatments is to provide a safe environment for an individual to freely express their fears and thoughts and also to teach an individuals what a healthy relationship looks like and how to participate in such a relationship.Sometimes prescription medication is used to treat symptoms, such as sleeping issues and tantrums, but to get to the root of the problem, specialized treatment, like hypnotherapy or role playing is required to reverse negative thoughts and feelings.

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