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Hypnotherapy to Treat Social Phobia

Hypnotherapy to Treat Social Phobia

Hypnotherapy has been used to effectively treat phobia of all types, especially social phobias. For some people, phobias can control their life (or lack of). Social anxiety disorder, known simply as social phobia is among the most common forms of an anxiety disorder. At least 10% of the entire population is affected by a social phobia to a certain extent. This type of phobia can hit anyone, movie stars and homemakers alike. Kim Basinger and Barbara Streisand are two well-known actresses that suffer from social phobia.

There are physical symptoms associated with social phobia and they can include: sweating, an increased heart rate, stuttering, trembling, dizziness and feelings of nausea. These physical symptoms obviously intensify the feeling of fear of being judged (which is the basis for social phobias).You need to understand that the subconscious mind is only trying to protect the individual from what they perceive to be potential danger and feelings of fear and anxiety are created.

The subconscious mind is receiving information that is based on past experiences and many times they are no longer valid.Hypnotherapy can help to reprogram the mind to respond in a more appropriate manner to a social situation. Once relaxation techniques are learned and negative feelings are replaced with positive one, the symptoms associated with social phobia are eliminated completely.

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