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Hypnotherapy and Trauma Treatment

Hypnotherapy and Trauma Treatment

Trauma is to put not too fine a point on it the buzz therapy word of the new century. With so much happening in the world that is difficult and quite frankly monstrous there can be no surprise that trauma is on the rise. With the rise of any condition there will be a plethora of people who will tell you that their approach is the best way to deal with it. I have always found this rather sad and self defeating.

Clients are individuals as is their trauma, therefore, the approach that needs to be taken with an individual is as individual as they are. Hypnotherapy can be used in the treatment of trauma. However, it is not a simple matter of using direct suggestions that will make the trauma go away. Nor is it necessarily regressing a client to the root of the traumatic event leading to resolution.

Hypnotherapy is a tool in which psychotherapy can be delivered. Trauma responds to psychotherapy and hypnosis aids in this response. I urge people to be mindful about claims of new and improved ways of dealing with trauma being espoused by some in the hypnotherapy world. Indeed, be wary of claims of efficacy based on “research”. Always do your homework when it comes to who you want to work with. Remember trauma is not to be played with and the choice you make in who you seek for therapy could be one of the most important of your life.

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