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Hypnotherapy to Deal With Change

Hypnotherapy to Deal With Change

One of the inevitable things in life is that things change. Nothing can stop it. Change is often good, sometimes not very good, but seems to be always frightening in some way, shape or form. Whilst life changes regularly, people often find that it is difficult to deal with change. That is where a good therapist can come in. Therapists, are about change, positive change. I am finding more and more that clients are presenting to me to help them change how they feel about change.

Indeed, things are changing. There are realities which we always felt would be concrete which have proven to be anything but. We find that the way we interact has changed, perhaps forever. Hypnotherapy is a good way to assist people in dealing with change. Part of the reason for this is that the hypnotic state can be used as a safe place to try out different types of change and to see how these may impact a client’s life. Hypnotherapy harnesses the creativity of the unconscious to create scenarios which can be analysed and assessed before they are tried out in the “real world”. This gives the client a feeling of safety, but more importantly, a feeling of control that they may well feel that they lack in the “real world”.

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