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Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Space

Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Space

I get asked all the time, what makes hypnosis or hypnotherapy specifically, therapeutic. Well in and of itself, hypnosis is not therapeutic at all, it is a state in which therapy can be undertaken. However, it is important to know that the theoretical orientation of the practitioner is an essential part of the therapeutic process. Without this, hypnosis is nothing more than a sometimes relaxed altered state of awareness.

So, other than this state, what else is needed for hypnotherapy to be therapeutic. The simple answer is space, a safe space for the exploration of issues and potential resolutions. Very often when a person presents for therapy, a person is discussing issues that have been swirling around in their head for some time, but actually, they have never spoken of it to anyone at all.

This requires a safe space for the client to explore their issue. This space is required to be a non judgemental space, but it must also be a space where ideas and attitudes can be challenged and safely. Sometimes, there are times where a person feels a bit wobbly after the process, but the therapist will always be there to assist the client to work his or her way through the process in the best way for them. It is essential when going to therapy, that a person feels safe to explore their issues in full.

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