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Hypnotherapy and Social Anxiety

Hypnotherapy and Social Anxiety

One can hardly pick up a magazine, newspaper or watch the television without the phrase social anxiety being used. One of the very great disadvantages to the popular press is that very often issues get over simplified and this is true with regards to social anxiety.

First of all, social anxiety is not simply about things like blushing or feeling shy. These CAN be elements of social anxiety but it far more likely that these are simply the way people are wired up. Being shy for example is not a pathology, it is a normal personality trait

Social anxiety is a pathological fear of any social setting. This can manifest itself in a number of ways, but probably the most common way is an avoidance of any and all social situations, be that public speaking or social engagements or even just meeting friends for a pint.

Hypnotherapy is very effective in getting to the root of this issue and being a means for a client to work out the reasons they may be holding on to it. Once this is determined, it becomes a matter of looking at the best ways to help the client to overcome this using resources that they already have. Hypnotherapy can help to put a person in touch with those resources.

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