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Hypnotherapy and Sleep Issues

Hypnotherapy and Sleep Issues

A common issue that people present more and more with are issues which revolve around sleep. Pressure, stress, and poor diet and exercise are all potential causative factors to sleep issues. I say sleep issues rather than insomnia as that many people over use this term when what they are actually dealing with are sleep difficulties. I find that mislabelling issues is a sure way to make the issue worse for the client.

One factor in sleep issues is messing with the sleep patterns. If you think about it, you never needed to learn how to sleep. It is something we were born knowing how to do. The reason for this is that sleep is a natural state. It is only when we start to mess with it, for example taking sleeping pills or doing shift work does sleep really begin to suffer.

Though hypnotherapy a person can first learn to deal with his or her waking hours better by dealing with stress and tension in a more healthy way. Additionally hypnotherapy can help to “re-learn” a person’s old sleep patterns. These things are never forgotten, but using hypnotherapy as a means to retrain the way you think you might well be able to hypnotise yourself to a more restful and healthy sleep.

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