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Hypnotherapy and Relationship Issues

Hypnotherapy and Relationship Issues

There are some who will read this post and shake their fists at the screen. I am used to it in many respects, I am a conservative practitioner with a small “c”. There is a preponderance in our profession which is to treat anyone and anything that comes through our consulting room doors. I am very much against this, and the issue of relationship difficulties is one such example. Now this is not to say that hypnotherapists with specialist training and skills cannot be of assistance in these cases. However, there is a need for both to treat people struggling in their relationships.

When dealing with relationship matters, it is not simply about hypnotising a person or a couple and telling them that their relationship issues will cease or to be more loving or more or less anything else. Relationship dynamics require skills and training which simply are not available in standard hypnotherapy training. Whilst, of course, I believe hypnotherapy is very effective, hypnotherapy has limitations without a solid training within psychotherapy and/or counselling.

I know that most hypnotherapists are well meaning people who find it difficult to turn people in pain away, but sometimes it is not about what we work with that defines us, but when we choose to refer to other practitioners which make us true professionals.

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