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Hypnotherapy for Pregnancy Fear

Hypnotherapy for Pregnancy Fear

Whilst doing my usual morning routine I was looking at the BBC app on my iPhone and discovered a video of a hypnotherapist helping women who have a fear of pregnancy. It got me thinking of a colleague of mine who is literally the font of all childbirth issues with the use of hypnosis. That person is Sharon Mustard the founder of Easibirthing®

Birthing has never been something that particularly inspired my work, though I am more than aware of the importance of the work and the efficacy of hypnosis in this arena. I often think that it is such a good thing that women who have anxiety about birthing, as well as fertility and post natal mental health have someone who they can consult in order to help them to overcome this most debilitating issue.

Sharon has been teaching practitioners for many years and I know that she instills her integrity and professionalism in every person she has trained. I am often asked, “Who do I respect most in our profession?” I can say without hesitation that Sharon is one of the people I regard with the utmost respect and admiration for. If this sounds a bit like a commercial for her services I apologise, I am just eager that her work gets out to the most amount of professionals as possible as the work is essential in my opinion.

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